Call Center Efficiencies

True Story …

That moment when you dial a number - and are left hanging on the phone for 11 minutes and 25 seconds … and just as you get excited, because the music loop and announcement changes, you find yourself in another queue for 5 more minutes with similar and yet somehow different marketing messages and THEN you are connected to the call center only be told that they can’t help - and in fact need to redirect you to someone else.

The transfer is made and engagement with the person ensues - and my problem is taken on board.

Time so far, 19 minutes 32 seconds.

I have a second question. I am once more redirected (apparently the concept of a single customer facing person devoted to answering all your questions has not yet reached this particular outpost of America.

Good news - I get through after 1 minute (is this a record) but in fact the person can’t help me. Time to move on.

Problems solved?

  • I changed a single name in the company’s records.
  • The second question will remain outstanding for another 7 days - when I will get to call them again.

Total time of call … 25 minutes and 47 seconds.

In fairness, like usual, every single person I spoke to was lovely. Have to say the best people on the end of the phone I have ever dealt with … so hard (impossible?) to get angry / frustrated with them … but seriously?

This is apparently American exceptionalism - the global leader that everyone looks up to across the world.

And - I hear you ask - why not change the record through their web site?

What a good idea.

  1. I tried before I made the call - and their login was broken
  2. I just tried again - as an experiment of time to complete a task - login fixed - but that option is not possible.

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