Reverse Engineering A Cocktail

Now this struck this chap as a very necessary web site …

You get home from work, open up the drinks cabinet and review your extensive supply of opened bottles of hooch, sitting along-side questionable Vermouths and the Schnapps and Ouzo bottles with labels that you cannot read from those holidays you went on a few years ago. Do you settle on The G and T? The straight up Bourbon (maybe with a chunk of ice)?

No you decide, reaching into the cabinet for the cocktail recipe book that the kids gave you for Christmas a couple of years ago. I will make myself a cocktail.

Fifteen minutes later, you have decided on your cocktail of choice - and commence the preparations.

Seventeen minutes later, you drop back to the straight up Bourbon because despite your cabinet storing more liquor than your local BevMo, for some reason you don’t have the Angostura Bitters that are - according to your manual - the essential - if not to say the very ‘pièce de résistance’ of the particular concoction that your inner mixologist was creating.

Worry No More

Make Me A Cocktail is a web site and app that allows you to enter the ingredients you have and it will tell you the cocktails you can make. (This via our friends at Life hacker).

This chap is happy to report that - despite all the nay saying from the likes of Dawkins, Hitchens, Hawking et al… there is indeed a god.

Oh - BTW

In a tangential, yet related way, the Pope has today suggested that it is better to be an atheist than a bad Christian.

I’ll drink to that. (On both points)

(Read all about it - mind you it is a link to that fake news site CNN)

Well now - this chap wonder if imitation is the sincerest form of flattery?

This brilliant website tells you what to make for dinner based on what’s in your fridge - I know … right!

February 23, 2017