Not All Pipelines Are Created Equal

John, like us all I suspect, has been tracking …

… the debate around the Dakota pipeline. Have to say he has his opinions, but he is certainly far from qualified and absolutely nobody should pay any attention to him on this matter. Except to say that not all pipelines are bad. Take this one for example.

It’s an interesting article that covers a subject dear to both of us chaps here. Beer. Turns out that some clever chaps in Bruge have a 3.2Km pipeline that connects Brewery to Bottling Plant. All god stuff. Won’t go into it all here - except to extract this single quote.

 Interestingly, there’s always something in the pipe – be it cleaning solution, beer, or water; it’s never empty.

This chap is very worried. And I am not making it up - see for yourself.

That said - it seems that a network of beer pipes across the country is a possibility.


The other Chap is very saddened …

… by the actions in the last 24 hours around the other pipeline. The Trail of Tears, in favor of Big Oil …

… a slippery slope.

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