Dragging it out

Graham came across ….

… this odd contrast in the empowering and disempowering effects of cross-dressing.

This fascinating little documentary shows the progression of a Chinese-American gay man – going un-noticed in San Francisco’s gay community, finding his voice, calling, and identity as a drag queen, Panda Dulce, who also reads to children in the SF Public Library (where yes, Virginia, there is indeed a Drag Queen Story Hour).


On the other side of the gender-bend divide, the White House Press Secretary could be losing his voice – or at least, ability to speak for POTUS, following his portrayal on SNL by a woman. In the dress-conscious, gender-binary, status-conscious White House, being so successfully (and accurately) lampooned is one thing. But having it done by a woman could be a career-ender, some say. Next push is for Rosie O’Donnell to play Steve Bannon. Word is she’s available.

John has already asked …

… Dustin Hoffman if he could reprise and tweak his role as Tootsie and offer himself as Betsy DeVos to Saturday Night Live.

See for yourself.

Graham added…

Looks as though Melissa McCarthy’s Spicer is stimulating a lot of creative thought on other females to takenon the lampooning. First Rosie as Bannon, then Tootsie as DeVos, and now suggestions for all the rest of the Cabinet too. Watch this space…

February 8, 2017