The Right To Protest

John remembers …

… when Tony bLIAR (sic - because that is who and what he is) lead the UK Parliament to ban protests in Parliament Square back in 2005. Did you forget already? No, not going to go into it all again here, but it came to mind when I read this in December - pointing out that the usual protest routes in Washington were not going to be allowed.

Just checked - because I know a lot of people going to this in Washington - and other marches taking place all over the USA - including one in San Rafael that I found out about over the past  weekend.

‘Knowing’ (inverted commas - because - after all - who ‘knows’ Trump), he probably thinks the Women’s March isn’t for another couple of Months - you know - when its March … but still, the original site for the protest - where all other protests typically happen has not been made available, and will not be available for the march.

But it will be available the following week for The March For Life campaign.

Go Figure.

Can’t wait to see who pulls the biggest crowds. Of course - it will be The March For Life - because they have the biggest crowd pullers like …

  • Kellyanne Conway, Senior Counselor to President-elect Trump.

  • Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York City.

  • Benjamin Watson, Tight End for the Baltimore Ravens.

  • Abby Johnson, Former Planned Parenthood Director and founder of “And Then There Were None”.

  • Karyme Lozano, Mexican telenovela star.

  • Eric Metaxas, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author and host of The Eric Metaxas Show.

  • Bishop Vincent Mathews Jr., President at Church of God In Christ World Missions.

Whereas all they have for The Women’s March is … well nobody that they have announced. But Amy Schumer, Samantha Bee, Olivia Wilde, Katy Perry, Scarlett Johansson, Madonna and Cher are all planning to be i.n Washington …

… and this is just one of 616 Marches across the whole world.

January 19, 2017