Someone Might Be Buying Twitter

OK. We all know it is for sale. (The image above comes from a Recode article last September where all potential suitors were listed and prioritised from most to least likely.) We all now know that nobody wanted to buy it. So far.

Which prompted me to write this post in a newly emerging web publication.

It was written with a little bit of tongue in cheek. I suggested that perhaps some wealthy democratic businessmen could club together, buy twitter - and then immediately close it cutting off trumps megaphone at a stroke.

Turns out, that someone else is considering this thought …

Dave Winer, on Twitter, on the possibility of a Repub buying it.

Dave Winer, on with the same article.

… the essence is that Twitter is a medium for social change - and thus a political tool - and thus is a potential future. RoI does not come into political frameworks. It should be bought. And a little like the nuclear codes, in the wrong hands, could be lethal,

Of course, attempted a better twitter. It didn’t work, they are closing.

January 16, 2017