May I Take Your Hat And Goat?

… and while I’m about it, your Health Insurance?

Graham, puzzled and a little incredulous, muses…

So, your colleagues let a goat loose in your house, and it starts to eat everything, but it takes you six years to get rid of it, and you have to do that before you can do a makeover, of course. And your health insurance equating directly to a goat loose in your house is why the Affordable Care Act must be taken out back and shot.

At this point a reader could justifiably claim exaggeration – those of you not still stuck on “Wait, what’s a goat?”, remembering that enough of us to not elect the incoming President were born and brought up in cities. But we speak, as ever, only the literal truth. Sort of. There are those, it seems, to whom this is a tenable metaphor. For the rest of us? Mmm, maybe not so much…

John holds his tongue …

… it has just turned noon, EST on January 20th, 2017, and the world officially just came to its end.

But, just to say - goats in a house are sometimes very acceptable.

January 20, 2017