Excuses, Excuses

Graham was wondering…

… what it says about standards of public discourse … what it does to public discourse … that bad behaviour towards others can apparently be excused by, “Oh, they do that to everyone…” Maybe if it’s the landlord of a London pub, renowned for such rudeness that it becomes a draw in its own right: but then, you choose to go there for slightly perverse entertainment, which is arguably your twisted choice.

But when acolytes of a nation’s putative chief executive fall over themselves to excuse his mocking of a disabled person by saying, “Oh, he mocks a lot of people, and that’s the way he does it..” – that is, he imposes his caricature of the mocked person as a disabled person portrayed as a risible spectacle per se

Well, then, Houston, we have a real problem and a storm waiting to happen.

John is looking out of his window and asks …

… coming? It’s here.

Oh wait, not that kind of storm. Yes he agrees, yes. Time to stop making excuses.

But the guy being sworn in today is #NotMyPresident - and has indeed been ‘Making America Grate Again’ - to which I say … #SoFarSoGood.

BUT - on excuses … he doesn’t bother with them. He doubles down. And then he denies. And when all else fails - points is fingers away from him.

Nice chap I hear.

January 20, 2017