Steven Wilson - The Masonic - San Francisco

Not my first time to see the man. Wonโ€™t be the last. First saw him aroundย 14 years ago - shortly after buying my first album by his band Porcupine Tree. In Abstentia. Since then I have acquired close to 50 of his albums (no exaggeration - I just checked) and seen him maybe 10 times. Yes - I am a fan.

The Set List

Complete details here, (BTW every track in the list takes you through to a video of the song), in a nut shell โ€ฆ

Part one - Hand. Cannot. Erase. In Itโ€™s Entirety

Part Two - A trip down memory lane, including Lazarus (positioned as a tribute to David Bowie), a couple of tracks from 4 1/2, old Porcupine Tree etc.

Encore - including โ€˜Sign Of The Timesโ€™ - a Prince cover and โ€˜The Raven That Refused To Singโ€™ - self described by Wilson as the song that he considers to be his best song ever. Have to say - it is a favorite of mine aswell.

The Band

Adam Holzman

Craig Blundell

Dave Kilminster

Nick Beggs

Steven Wilson



[gallery size=โ€œmediumโ€ ids=โ€œ8881,8885,8882,8883,8884,8887โ€]

I took a few. You can see all them here. But really, with a iPhone 6 and not sitting at the front - what you going to do !


Finally, chatted to a couple of guys during the show - true fans, and our conversation recorded for posterity here.

Oh - and if you want a little snippet of the Prince cover:

ย  ย 

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The site has been closed down and the material moved to this site for posterity.

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