Yes. It’s A Word. It’s not a word I like. But I track it. It’s what you do. And one of the places I track it is on a site called ChiefMartec.

Scott Brinkler introduced an interesting concept today, which is discussed in detail on his blog. Namely that Marketers shouldn’t beat up on themselves as much about ‘keeping up with tech’, because the fact is they 1) will never be able to keep up with technological change anyway and 2) they should consider how they are doing against their competitors. Do that and life will look a lot better.

You can read the whole article here.

He illustrates his idea here.


As I commented on Scott’s blog …

There’s something in the middle that is missing for me …. technological change is indeed moving at breakneck speed – let’s just choose a random topic …. virtual / augmented / mixed reality. We all know they are all coming. You cannot be even on the fringes of tech and not know what is occurring … BUT …. no organization can really implement that tech / thinking because there are other forces at work, technological readiness, organizational awareness, social acceptance, application availability, roll out scalability to rattle off five as I type.

Surely then there is a third curve that moves more in line with the organizational change curve – albeit still growing faster – I get that – but at the same time – seemingly more attainable?

I also re-played one of his comments “But if you can keep ahead of your competition that’s good enough.” and remarked how sad this was. True. But sad.

I stopped short of my disagreement with the curves angles. The organizational change curve is actually transitioning to a linear, if not declining, angle.

I redraw the curve below.


Organizational change will continue to grow and get better and move faster - if it doesn’t the company will die and then is out of the race anyway. So no decline. No flattening.

Meanwhile, I am introducing a third category. Let’s call it ‘acceptance change’ that fits between Scott’s two curves. The accelerant will be based on a mixture of

  • technological readiness,
  • organizational awareness,
  • social acceptance,
  • application availability,
  • roll out scalability

… amongst many others like lead times, complexity of adoption, integral to corporate processes etc …

So for example, the closer to 100% that your ENTIRE organization is to understanding the tech breakthroughs coming in a particular category AND your market is also ready the closer to the technological change curve your acceptance change curve will be.

I am sure there is a formula in here somewhere. Thinking.


November 7, 2016