It’s Time To Redraw Silicon Valley

I posted this yesterday. Inside there is a quote I found from Steve Blank

Silicon Valley is more of a state of mind than a physical location.

It reminded me of another post of mine from earlier this year -  where I wrote about UC Davis, the importance of the work going on there, and the difference to what we see in Silicon Valley. I also touched on the apparent isolation of UC Davis from the Valley. Most of the people I meet in and through Davis - including companies. sponsors, coaches, mentors are Sacramento/Davis based. But make no mistake, the ‘state of mind’ is Silicon Valley.

That said, at Davis I often hear the sentence; “Oh - you have come all the way from ‘San Francisco’.” Whereas on the Peninsula, people just assume I am ‘in their geography’. So, proof time. My travel over the last three working days is telling.

The maps and data of the journeys reveal facts to support my premise.


Oakland : 27.6 Miles, 0:49 Hours - average speed 34 MPH


Mountain View : 53.9 Miles, 1:42 Hours - average speed 32 MPH


UC Davis : 77.8 Miles, 1:20 Hours - average speed 58 MPH

You know how they have those web maps these days that do things like redrawing the US where the size of each state is proportional not to the land mass, but the population or GDP? I think it is time to redraw the (Extended) Bay Area based on the average time to get somewhere, not the distance.

What do you think?

October 26, 2016