My friend Seth Sundberg has just announced that his new Prison Bars are available. I know it has been a long journey and only now is he really getting started, but I have to say - they are great tasting - and healthy. (If you know me - you will know I put heavy weighting on that first criteria - not so much on the second โ€ฆ


โ€ฆ to get it as a natural side effect is perfect.

Want to try them for yourselfย - just click here. 9e3d22c2-22b3-4835-b461-c52e1eed9611.jpg Not only that, but Seth is building a great team around him. For example, check out Anya Disbrowย - a graduate of UC Davis graduate, and you know that I am a fan of them !

ย  ย 

This Was Originally Posted To Beyond Bridges

The site has been closed down and the material moved to this site for posterity.

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