Apple Is Doomed … Again !

Add Jason Calacancis to the legions that quite simply don’t get Apple. I am sure Jason know’s a lot about a lot. He is definitely way more famous than I am … and probably richer … so he must know what he is talking about …. right? Sorry, on this occasion - I disagree.

He published this on LinkedIN today detailing the six reasons why ‘smart folks’ are worried about apple.

  1. iPhone 7 announcement fell flat
  2. Project Titan is anything but
  3. The Underwhelming Watch
  4. How is Apple MIA on VR & AR?
  5. Machine Learning & AI
  6. Jobs said he solved TV, but we can’t see it

Here we go again …..


  1. The Phone … because the iPhone ‘needed’ a new form factor - oh and VR! As Gruber has pointed out on more than one occasion - but this the most recent 

    There is a large contingent of pundits who apparently would be more excited about a new iPhone that looked entirely different but had the exact same components as the iPhone 6S than they are by the actual iPhones 7, which are shaped like the 6S but have amazing new components. I don’t get that mindset at all. It’s like being a car pundit and judging the new Porsche 911 with a “meh” because it looks like the previous 911, and never even considering what it’s like to actually drive the new car.

    .. and what does he mean ‘fell flat’ … the ‘usual’ lines at an Apple soothe on release day .. it’s so old hat know that media have stopped covering it. But some do. … and as for comparing to Samsung - you mean those phones that explode, cause fires, are banned on planes …. those Guys ? … ah yes - and the missing headphone jack.
  2. The Car … all we know of Project Titan is based on sleuths assumptions and ‘what ifs’. And Jason ends with “Seriously, it’s completely possible Apple is making the car and is doing a MASSIVE head fake to the industry by leaking that they will simply be a software provider.” That would be a first … Apple’s whole mantra is software AND hardware.
  3. The Watch … is out selling the iPhone at the same stage of development. The new software release speeded watches up ten fold and in 9 months became the second largest watch business on the planet … Rolex is number one.
  4. VR and AR … apple is who says? it is common knowledge that apple reveal nothing until it is ready. and by ready - that never means the first, it means when there is a reason and people will buy. Oh and then Jason writes “so it is possible that Apple could come from behind – like they did in smartphones and tablets – and lap the competition.”
  5. Machine Learning & AI … alexa is not AI. Is siri there? no. But nor is anyone else.
  6. TV - seriously? Jobs said something to Isaacson and now Apple is being penalized for not having realized it … not even Walter can tell us what he meant!

Interesting that he didn’t go near the airpods - just the lack of the jack - but this piece by Ben Brooks is a great read into thinking where Apple could go with the pods and future cameras.

And finally if you want to read something by someone that does get Apple try this.

One quick quote >>>>

The thing that makes me crazy about Apple (and not in the fanboi sense) is that they both give a shit and don’t give a shit about what anybody else thinks, and what everyone else is doing.

I totally concur …. their strength is their difference - not their sameness - in everything they do.

In 2007, not only did Apple launch the iPhone, but they also changed their name from Apple Computer, Inc., to Apple Inc.

September 16, 2016