This Is A Public Service Announcement

It should be anyway. I comment a lot about the importance of keeping the web open. Now Tim Berners Lee is talking about it. Trust me - powerful forces are working hard to keep it closed.

Facebook for example. This article doesn’t quite go into why they are a threat to the open web - but Vanity Fair definitely explores the single minded focus of that organization and their leader and why we should tread carefully.

I submit he is an old-school genius, the fiery force of nature possessed by a tutelary spirit of seemingly supernatural provenance that fuels and guides him, intoxicates his circle, and compels his retinue to be great as well. The Jefferson, the Napoléon, the Alexander… the Jim Jones, the L. Ron Hubbard, the Joseph Smith. Keeper of a messianic vision…” From Antonio Garcia Martinez in Vanity Fair: How Mark Zuckerberg Led Facebook’s War To Crush Google Plus.

June 13, 2016