Microsoft is buying LinkedIn : UPDATED

BB-Highlight-01Microsoft’s track record for acquiring companies and doing great things is not good. But, there is now a new CEO who is clearly far more equipped and definitely more talented than his predecessor - so I have my fingers crossed.

For a long time LinkedIN had been losing its way. I published this (for example) three years ago today. 

So, Reid Hoffman is a genius, with a great vision. I just wish he’d join LinkedIn, and implement some of it.

I hope it works out for them, I really do, but there are some serious and significant changes that need to be made to get it back on track.

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This deals makes a lot of sense, and if nothing else, it will help the 8 people using Windows phones to connect with one another.

… Dave Pell

$26B – about a 50% premium to LinkedIn’s market value.  Talk about a pre-emptive bid!  LinkedIn is basically the Facebook of the business world.   And now it will be the property of the default provider of mediocre software to the business world.  What could possibly go wrong?

… Dave Frier

June 13, 2016