Brexit Redux

This was originally part of a post that I published on April 22nd of this year. Today, the day after the United Kingdom voted to exit Europe I am republishing it as a standalone piece. To remind myself of where I stood. And stand.The click though piece is written by Simon Wardley. He doesn't usually write on this kind of stuff - which is probably why it hit me.


… as they say in ‘Blighty’.

If you are paying attention you will know that the UK are ‘about’ (June 23rd) to vote on whether The UK should exit the EU .. or stick with it. If you know of Brexit … then you are already tracking the for and against opinions. So I am not going to reference them all here.

If you don’t know of Brexit - stop reading. Now.

But - going back to the premise that you do know what it is, and you are wondering which way to vote. Read this. If that’s too long - then let me summarize with a single quote from Simon’s article.

To vote to remain, I would be doing the same to my son that was done to me. What would I say when he was older - I took away your power and gave it, without your permission, without thought for your future to unelected bureaucrats for a bit of security, safety and better job prospects?

Ok. Off you go. 

As a quick fact check, Corbyn (the ‘Bern’ of the UK) is for staying in. Fan though I am of Bern and Jeremy, J seems to be at odds with my thoughts. Boris ? He’s for out. Yup. Obama - he wants us to stay in. But we know that ‘Merica never - ever - is thinking about what is right for the ’other’ country. So call me suspicious.

Bottom line - I am with Simon. It’s the long game I am interested in and democracy that I want.

June 24, 2016