1999 Is Great - But I Need More

BB-Highlight-04I know - right? Yet another shift in the world of Beyond Bridges.

If you are paying attention (and really, who knows if you are), you will have noticed that for nearly 2 months, specifically since April 21st, I have been playing around with a product called 1999 from Dave Winer. It is pretty cool. Since launching in fact, I have planted some 144 posts. My first on April 21st. The last on June 10th. All hosted on my river, that Dave has kindly been hosting. In parallel, I have signed up for an AWS account and with the help (strictly speaking me clicking and cutting and pasting words that my new friend Andy told me to)   into my river that he is hosting.

It’s not just cool - it is clever and useful and though a very big fan of what Dave is trying to do,the new world of publishing needs to think about two more distinct dimensions. I have talked about this before. Dave is doing the content bit very very well. BUT, judging by a post he made at the end of last week - the importance of the delivery / discovery - not so much.

He opened his post with “Well it seems 1999.io os about finished.” That was a big clue.

So moving on. Day to day commentary is being moved back to this stream. I will leave the 1999 stream in place - and will likely still post there from time to time - but it can’t be the place where my commentary lives … yet.

In parallel, the weekly ‘Pour Vous’ is on hold as is the weekly RSS newsletter. Instead I will be moving back to a single thought per post, and the occasional manually built newsletter highlighting some of the ‘best-offs’

Onwards. Enjoy.

June 13, 2016