So. Where Were We ?


I have been ‘PAUSED’ for a couple of weeks. There is a reason. It was a time to stop and rethink what this blog is about. Elsewhere on this site you will find I talk about People, Platforms and Passion. On this blog ? Well, not so much. I started to think and have reduced my thoughts to three points. If my world is all about People, Platforms and Passion - why aren’t I writing about those topics ? I am a big fan of writers and bloggers like Gruber, Winer, Feld, Thompson, Popova - the list is extensive actually, which is why I use the very excellent Feedly  to bring those and hundreds (literally) of other people’s writings to me on a daily basis. If you are interested, my full Feedly feed can be found here, while the daily ‘don’t miss’ list is here. As Brad Feld writes on the Feedly site …

I use feedly to keep in touch with the movers and thinkers in the venture capital industry.

All that said, as I attempted to emulate, I lost sight of what I was trying to do and then reading Om Malik’s recent post ‘A Good Blog Post’, this pair of three bullet points caught my eye.

The 3Cs of a good blog post

  1. Coherent
  2. Clever - thought, analysis or just the quote
  3. Cryptic

Parting thoughts

  1. The best posts come from the heart, not from the wallet. Write what you feel passionate about, because then you can sway the readers with your writing
  2. Difference between hype and boring is mild surrealism.
  3. Headlines make or break a post.

I try. I don’t always get it right. But I try.

So - decision made, a soft re-launch and in parallel a reorganization of my posts to date.


All my old categories have now been reset to tags and added to the the existing tags. I have created a pentaplex of categories BB Thinking.009 All future posts will fall into one of four categories

.. and all posts to this point have been given a single fifth category ‘Past’, which bit my bit, as I work through the history, will result in some of those posts being reclassified into one of the new categories. So what is ‘Pour Vous’? ‘Si vous parley français’, you will know that ‘pour vous’ is French for ‘for you’. It is a class of posting that is likely to not fall into the category of People, Platforms and Passion, but still likely to be things that catch my eye that are just too good to ignore. Going forward, you will find me posting less, but in turn I hope that less really is more. More thought. More creativity. More interest. More relevance.

My thanks for your attention.

JP SigJP Sig

April 21, 2016