Apologies …

.. for an earlier post - this one actually.  I have now updated the one thing I agree with in an email I received. Specifically, the reference to a picture of an audience at a GAWR concert as being an example of the sort of crowd one might expect if you tootled along to your average ‘Death Metal’ (sic) show. It turns out that GAWR “operates in the subgenres of thrash, comedy rock and heavy metal.” … and so obviously has “absolutely nothing to do with Death Metal in any shape nor form.”

I agree, so to all offended - please accept my sincere apologies for such an egregious error.

But - as Jimmy Cricket would have it "there’s more’ It turns out that my historical post was ‘hysterical’ … dang - I didn’t know I was that good.

Alas. Short-lived success. Apparently I am not. Where I saw all the humor in the post - was either un-recognized, or ignored. However, my grammar, use of English and failure to understand even the basic tenets of the Death Metal (sic) sub-genre caused much mirth.

So this post is to clarify. I will take the points made in the email one by one - and apologize (notice my US spelling there) where I feel it necessary. Also in the spirit of accuracy and fairness to all. let me also apologise to readers who lean towards the English spelling.

And so we go …

Your ‘historical’ post was more like ‘hysterical.’ It concerns punctuation. A Paris ‘death metal concert’ refers to the band’s name not the subgenre. Here is the correction if you prefer, a Paris Death Metal concert.

… well now - when I read “A Paris ‘death metal concert’” … my assumption (and in fact I wasn’t alone, since another reader highlighted the phrasing to me to begin with) was that it was a reference to the genre/sub-genre, since I am (we were) not aware of any band called ‘Death Metal’ - or indeed ‘death metal’. As you will see later, the original writer used ‘Death Metal’ rather than ‘Eagles Of Death Metal’ or ‘TEDM’ because .. well in their own words ..

TEDM aka ‘Death Metal’

Got it, ’aka; is the key …. see later for more of my thoughts on this.

You may wish to correct YOUR mistake of capitalization of a rock subgenre, i.e., “…This is a more typical audience of a Death Metal event …”   It’s wrong.

There we go. It’s all about capitalization. Me ? Not so sure it is that clear. You might think it is an open and shut case, but believe me there are raging international debates on this kind of accuracy. Click through on any of the links in this small tangent to see what I mean.

EMail, Email, email or eMail, and with or without hyphens ?

Internet or internet ? World Wide Web or world wide web ? Turns out Associated Press have just decided - so now we know. Unfortunately this site that writes of ‘internet grammar concerns’ didn’t get the memo !

So, there is an argument that suggests that it is really is not that clear cut. Let me get back to the genre/sub genre (should that be hyphenated ?) plot to show you what I mean.

I am not sure that ‘Invisible Oranges’ is a widely read site - much less if it is held in high esteem by the appropriate grammar watchers, however in researching a little on the topic I found this. Bottom line, they observe that

“Some people capitalize certain metal subgenres: Black Metal, Death Metal, Heavy Metal.” Now, I am not saying the writer agrees with me - he goes on … “I’m trying to understand why people use such capitalization. Other genres don’t do this. One doesn’t see Techno or Jazz, or subgenrewise, Minimal or Bebop. Even in metal, one doesn’t see Grindcore or Thrash Metal. Why are black metal, death metal, and heavy metal special? Is capitalization insufferably pompous?” But he does recognize that …  “Black Metal,” “Death Metal,” and “Heavy Metal,” as they’ve been used, evoke concrete things. Black metal obviously has religious/anti-religious elements. I’m not surprised that modern-day people who wear hooded robes want to capitalize things. “Death Metal” is more specific than “death metal.” The caps carry atmosphere, old-school connotations. Nominon is “Death Metal,” but Cryptopsy is probably only “death metal.”

Ok - this is way beyond my pay grade. Waaaay beyond. I need to rest … with a Mojito. Onward

Meanwhile, a more egregious error in your post is the photo. You probably want to write a retraction and apology. You used an instantly recognizable photo of a GWAR audience. It was at Portland’s Roseland Theater. It was on 11/9/2011. It’s famous.

For your information and correction, and in your words, GWAR has “… absolutely nothing to do with Death Metal in any shape nor form.”   (sic). Here’s a taste of GWAR. It’s worth a look…

Absolutely spot on - and I apologis/ze for such an egregious error. I should have known better. I have now acknowledged this on the original post.

But there’s more. Thank you also to my reader for this link to a rather nice ditty by GAWR doing their cover of Alice Cooper’s ‘School’s Out’. It is rather fun actually.

GWAR, like their Alice Cooper cover, operates in the subgenres of thrash, comedy rock and heavy metal. GWAR acolytes delight in being sprayed with various fluids. It’s their shtick. It’s fun.

… and this I can see. A little more investigation into GAWR is most definitely in order. Always open to new explorations.

Also for your correction, recall that TEDM aka ‘Death Metal’ …

I need to upgrade my ‘Google’, because I cannot find any reference to the fact that ‘The Eagles of Death Metal’ are AKA ‘Death Metal’ - ‘TEDM’ … absolutely - but not ‘Death Metal’. That said, I am sure my friend is correct, since the email reflects an obviously deep knowledge of both band and genre. The full quote reads …

Also for your correction, recall that TEDM aka ‘Death Metal’ perform the subgenres of garage rock, blues rock, alternative, etc. Contrary to your “Historical Accuracy The Gift That Keeps Giving” (sic) hubris, death metal is an ordinary rock subgenre. It draws heavily from the ‘shape and form’ of rock. See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_rock_genres

As an aside … " “Historical Accuracy The Gift That Keeps Giving” (sic) " is absolutely ‘sic erat scriptum’, “thus was it written” … I wrote it - I should know ! I think it is another dig at the capitalization / capitalization.

I know. I am just a wild and crazy guy - ignoring ‘convention’, flying against the ‘wind of correctness’, sailing in a ‘sea of anarchy’, if you would allow a tad mixing of metaphors.

Thought you may wish to pursue some genuine ‘historical accuracy.’

Indeed I did. Indeed I do. Which is why I might have to log on to Wikipedia and start correcting some of the pages that spin off from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_rock_genres. I will freely admit that my knowledge of genre’s and sub-genre’s of ‘Thrash’, ‘Death Metal’, ‘Swedish Death Metal’ (see how I capitalized those - I guess you can lead a horse to water … ) et al is limited. But not so of ‘Progressive Music’. (By the way, just too be clear wikipedia only lists Progressive Rock and _Progressive Meta_l as top level "progressive’ genres.

Let’s not get into that, but the egregious errors contained within those pages and the click throughs do make me question the accuracy of other ‘genre’ pages. But I am sure my friend is right about GAWR etc .. I don’t need Wikipedia for me to believe what he says. He is obviously passionate about that world - and with passion comes knowledge…………………………

Finally, IMO, ‘Beyond Bridges’ would be better by avoiding every progressive trope, liberal clichés and every vapid, lefty platitude.

Ok - now I am lost.

April 8, 2016