iConnect - Simplifying The ‘iDevice’ Choice [UPDATED]

First published on Beyond Bridges on March 20th, 2016.

Updated March 31st, 2016 Engadget agrees - and they are only talking about the iPad !


If the rumors are anything close to true, we are about to have 3 different iPhone sizes to choose from when we buy our next iPhone.

Over in ’iPad land we already have 3 iPad sizes - mini, standard and pro. The pro has stuff that the non pro doesn’t - size aside (at least from tomorrow - seems to be the prediction).

The iTouch is yet another device rarely talked about, but still there - in the iPod family - an iPhone without the ability to make phone calls.

Some of these choices are wifi only (iTouch), but most allow you to have a GSM connection.

And the inevitable question, as you try to work out which you need and/or should have to do what you need to do … which one ? The naming convention alone is tough enough to work out …


[ the numbers down the left are current measures of the screen size in inches ]


Here’s a new thought - as the industry tries to work out what Apple is going to call the new iPad with the ‘pro’ moniker.

Let’s call them all the ‘iConnect’ - available in 5 sizes.

4,6,8,10 and 12 - model numbers NOT screen sizes - but map to the dimensions.

  • All with wifi connectivity
  • All with or without cellular connectivity
  • Choice of pro - or not.

I am writing this on an iPad and will upload through my GSM link - so in some ways this iPad is already available as a ‘phone’. It even has a phone number, though I just can’t use it as a phone, because the ‘phone app’ isn’t on the iPad.

Only 9.7 inch and 12.9 inch available as Pro - they would be the devices with the smart connector on the side that allows you to connect the external keyboard. The pencil would be available to work on any of the devices.

So instead of the choice above, you now have a single iConnect product, with 5 sizes and two variations to that size (colors excepted).


Every screen size comes with WiFi - your choice to add GSM - so you can make the device available to  - and of course only the 10 / 12 models are available as ‘Pro’ - that is the smart connector on the side to which you can connect your smart keyboard.

And no longer a decision as to what phone size you need to carry - or Apple needs to make.

What do you think ?


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