Stick To What You Know

I like Scott Galloway, when he sticks to what he knows.

On brand, he knows a lot. And he is all about brand. So much so that he of all people should know what it means to stick to your brand. He didn’t. Not on this occasion. This was his podcast on the 23rd of this month. The caption reads :

Why is Apple a loser? L2 Founder and NYU Stern Professor Scott Galloway calls Tim Cook’s concern about consumers’ privacy disingenuous.

I am not going to waste my time rekeying what he said. It’s not worth my time. Its not even worth my time to relisten to what he said. He is wrong. He is not just wrong because I disagree with him, he is wrong because of the massive over simplification he is making about the situation. He also weakens his argument by introduces a totally unconnected piece of crap at the end of the piece (but that is a different story.) I heard it and was going to ignore it, but then two days later he produced this … Turn out that his listeners - at a ratio of 10 to 1 agreed with me. And so, he responded. Don’t worry. It’s just more rambling, ill-informed, spurious crap. I will go back to listening to him when he gets back to brand, or learns about the issues he rambles on about. Meanwhile - some thoughts on why he is wrong (just from this site you are on now!) < p style=“text-align: center;”>| Pandora | | Our Security … Ours |What Moral Authority | | Why This Argument Is Important |

February 26, 2016