What Kind of Genius Is Max Martin ?

… and who the hell is Max Martin anyway  ?

Many of the biggest hits of the past twenty years—by Britney Spears, Katy Perry, and Taylor Swift—have been co-written by a forty-four-year-old Swede.

Absolutely amazing to read this article, the story of a ‘behind the scenes’ song writer that no-one has heard of, yet seems to be the puppet master of the global pop industry, with a home studio in LA in the same house that Frank Sinatra used to own. B822271078Z.1_20151230131346_000_GQG1JTC1F.2_Content And it isn’t that no-one has heard of him, it is also true that close to no-one has heard him sing, other than a few select people, like Britney, Kate and Taylor. And the only reason that those singers have actually heard him is that he insists that when they do one of his songs - they do it exactly as he does.

[ Source : The New Yorker ]


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