Coke Brother

Oh to be young, incredibly talented, coked out of your mind, so thin that a poodle could knock you over, and brilliantly working with Luther Vandross and all these wonderful black musicians in Philadelphia to come up with this.

Bowie in his first American TV appearance on Dick Cavett covering The Flares R& B hit Footstompiin’. But notice how he’s using the guitar riff from “Fame” in the arrangement, kind of merging the two pieces. What he liked to call “Plastic Soul”.

Total Soul Train! … not my words, rather those of good friend and music afficionado David Fenton.


Foot Stompin - this performance from Dick Cavette’s show in 1974


Fame - this performance from Soul Train, 1975

this is the 5th post in my series of Bowie Tributes - enjoy

January 16, 2016