Change - Who Benefits ?

Would you change your behavior if it was for the better good of all ?

The British are as conservative as cats – like most people – and dislike innovation.

Who am I to take issue with Stowe Boyd - but on this one I do. He references a study by the TFL that suggests that the unwritten rule of London’s underground - ‘stand on the right - walk on the left of an escalator’,  is flawed and that (according to the TFL) it would actually be more efficient to have everyone stand still on elevators - which in turn would remove congestion that we all know so well.

Take a read …

It makes sense - logically, I would argue that the rule fails not because of the British people’s inability to change, but rather people generally, not just the ‘Brits’, will notput the greater good before themselves.

Updated 19th January, 2016 : Today Kottke published this related report - and guess what - it seems people are just as selfish as I surmised.

January 17, 2016