Bowie, Wilson

Why this article is headlined Four Albums Worth A Listen is beyond me, given how Darin slams Blackstar, and how Hinds is highlighted. Personally, never heard of them, so checked them out here. I did - it isn’t worth a listen. And then finally, The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack of The Hateful Eight. Really ? That is one of the 4 worth a listen albums of 2016 so far. Heavens.

My take on Blackstar - before I heard of his death, recorded here for posterity. But. I am glad that he called out 4 1/2. I  have just counted over 50 albums in my collection that are by - or heavily influenced by - Steven Wilson, so you could count me in as a fan and am eagerly waiting for 4 1’2 which is due next week.

Update Jan 20th : A Review From ‘Something Else Reviews’

Also interesting to note that Mr Wilson was heavily influenced by Mr. Bowie and his entourage … this is his post on Bowie’s passing.

I spent this morning listening to Bowie’s fantastic …

Personally I would pay a lot more attention to Steven than Darin.

January 16, 2016