Backdoors To Bypass Security

AppleTell me how this works ….

Apple have been consistent that they do not provide any back door access to their systems. Period.

Meanwhile, a widow who wants to play games on her dead husband’s iPad (lets not even go there), has been told by Apple that she “needs to get a court order to secure her dead husband’s password”.

If it only takes a court order, then if I am a policeman and am investigating some lunatic terrorist and have got access to his/her iPhone, then this suggests that all I need to do is provide Apple a Court order - and they will give me that password.

But they have always said that they can’t do that. Not because they are being obstreperous - they just technically can’t. So what’s the difference ?

Answer - none I suspect - but how come C|Net didn’t pick up on that in the story ?

January 20, 2016