Yes, I am a fan of Apple. Maybe even a fan boy, whatever that is. I also understand the humor and facts that stack up against them. Yes, iTunes sucks, iCloud doesn’t synch properly, to name the two that annoy me. But still … onwards. To me it isn’t the hardware, the software, the apps, the OS, it is the entire Eco system. THAT’s why I am a fan.

apple design.jpg Extracted From Jonny Ive’s Parody Account BUT. But, I do read the analysis of the hardware, the software, the apps, the OS … to keep building my picture and understanding of the company, products and services. But, when I read, I do want it to be well researched, if not properly thought through. Which probably explains why Slate is not my ‘go to’ property for ‘things technical’. Yes it is clear from the image above that somebody’s eye might be off the ball … in design terms. But … maybe there are reasons. So, the new mouse does indeed have to be recharged as pictured. The job is done in two hours - every 2 months. Not a big deal. The iPad Pro’s pencil is charged WITHOUT an extra cable … how cool is that - 15 seconds to get 30 minutes of use. And then there is that battery … About which Slate reports accordingly in a little piece called ..

The company’s ugly, underpowered new iPhone battery case is a sign of trouble in Cupertino.

Got it. I won’t even call out the positions that Will Oremus (Slate’s senior technology writer no less) focuses on - but rather … seriously ..  a (possibly misjudged) battery case spells trouble for a $600 Billion Enterprise ? An enterprise with enough cash in the bank to buy  all the gold in Fort Knox ? Meanwhile Rene Richie over at iMore has written an excellent piece on just why doubling the size of battery doesn’t neccesarily solve the problem. If Will is reading this piece (I doubt it), he would so well to click on that last link.


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