Rattle That Lock - Aptly Named For The People Power Theme

I can never resist a Gilmour album. Though in all honesty, I maintain that his best work is when he doesn’t have full creative control and has to collaborate, his best collaborations being with arch nemesis Roger. That said, Dave’s new album is out - and I had to write about it here - once I saw this (my bold)

Rattle That Lock is also about encouraging people to stand up for their rights and to fight out against oppression. The political climate in our country has been cracking down on completely legal dissent from the government line on all sorts of issues. The wars that we get inveigled into joining, the charging of tuition fees, which make a proper education a privilege for the richer classes of people — normal things that people fight out against. These are all the things we’re trying to encourage people to stand up against.

[ Source : NPR ]

If you want an advance listen …

December 28, 2015