It is nearly two years since I read this post;

Yes, 2013 was the year of the platform. And there’s more to come in 2014

Written by J P Rangaswami, it like so many of his posts, is well thought through while providing a great story and of course well written. What more can a boy ask for ? Well - since you ask, JP often throws great musical segways into his posts. Sadly, no such reference in this particular offering. See - you can’t always get what you want. Though it is interesting to note that he brings his post to an end with the musical term ‘coda’. And it was in fact the coda that made the connection for me.

A coda

While writing this post, I noticed that someone else had linked to one of the year-old posts. Went investigating, and found this site, Platform Thinking. Excellent stuff. And the video at the end of the post is well worth watching. I will make references to what they say there in my next post.

I did what JP said. That means that I have been following Sangeet Paul Choudary for nearly two years now. I reference his thinking a lot, bought multiple copies of his book to share with others. So I am delighted to find that today he has published; The Platform Manifesto -  a 176 slide deck adapted from that book, reproduced below. BUT. More importantly - why not just go buy the book. It is excellent. [slideshare id=55686640&doc=theplatformmanifestov0-151201090434-lva1-app6892]


This Was Originally Posted To Beyond Bridges

The site has been closed down and the material moved to this site for posterity.

The focus today is People First.

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