Damned If You Do - Damned If You Dont’

I am not a fan of what MZ is doing with Facebook, which is why I am not there (for now). BUT, his massive announcement on what he is doing with abou 99% of his fortune ? Well now, that I am a fan of.

What I do not get is the criticism he has received, from tax avoidance / dodging to the money could just be abused / mis managed and ‘proof’ that he doesn’t know what he is doing - just witness what happend to the hundred million he gave to Newark schools. ENOUGH Whatever the motivation, the fact he is giving it away is pretty frigging awesome - hats off to Zuck - and who the hell are we to back him into a corner such that he has to actually DEFEND himself. The world has gone NUTS. What would the critics have said if he simply set up a secret off shore fund for Max - to avoid the taxes.

On Tuesday, Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg posted a powerful announcement — not only did he reveal the birth of his daughter, Max, but he shared plans to give up 99% of his personal…

[ Source : TechCrunch ]


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