Couped Up In Coups

A great piece by Owen Jones in The Guardian, regarding the ongoing onslaught on Jeremy Corbyn by the media and the ‘elite’. Bernie doesn’t have it quite as bad here in the USA, since he hasn’t yet got to that dominant position of ‘numero uno’. Then again, he might never - as long as the US media treats him this way.


Does that ratio seem out of whack? That’s the ratio of TV airtime that ABC World News Tonight has devoted to Donald Trump’s campaign (81 minutes) versus the amount of TV time World News Tonight has devoted to Bernie Sanders’ campaign this year. And even that one minute for Sanders is misleading because the actual number is closer to 20 seconds.

But. To my point. Reading the article in the Guardian, I was reminded so very much of the fictional story ‘A Very British Coup’ - which is actually very close to some of the (conspiracy) theories behind Wilson’s resignation in 1976. The question needs to be asked, is Chapter One in the Playbook ’Character Assassination ?

What character assassination ? Try this from The London Times (1) …

The new Labour leader treated himself to a black cab at his home yesterday, abandoning the Chairman Mao-style bicycle his neighbours always see him riding.

This is a quote from this article, which is headlined (Andrew) “Marr is snubbed for a day at the church”

Sorry - how many communists prayed at church on Sundays ? And snubbed. Really ? A journalist is so important that the UK’s opposition leader should jump, drop everything just to do his show? I am a fan of Marr - but surely we have our priorities a little confused ?

  1. For readers not familiar with The London Times - it was a bastion of truth in London and the UK for two centuries. Then it was bought by Rupert Murdoch in 1981.

December 15, 2015