It’s A People Exchange - People !

Empire Avenue is a stock market game based on social media. It is a stock exchange for people. To quote their erstwhile CEO ..

A virtual-currency stock market game that bets on your social media influence.

I wrote about Empire Avenue on March 11th 2012 - and then again on April 7th 2012. I can’t remember when I actually joined the game, but my guess would be sometime in the summer of 2011. But who knows. I wrote the posts - and at the time met with their then CEO Dups because I saw a vision for the company, which I am now convinced he couldn’t or wouldn’t see. (After all, startups are about focus and what I was suggesting was radically different to a stock market game.) I continue to see it, but since then ‘The Avenue’ has been acquired by Kred - you know the other more complicated version of Klout - 43 as I write (or Klout - 53 as I write). Maybe it is time I had another chat. I still see it.

December 11, 2015