Three Words To Find ANYONE

Absolutely BRILLIANT

75% of the earth population, i.e. four billion people, “don’t exist” because they have no physical address. This cohort of “unaddressed” can’t open a bank account, can’t deal properly with an hospital or an administration, let alone get a delivery.

And no sooner asked - than fixed !!! The world is now indexed so that any 3 meter * 3 meter square on the surface of the earth can be identified by just three words. It works, thanks to Chris Sheldrick and his team BTW - I wrote and posted this piece at ordered.wooden.tequila. (Note - when you click that link, it is highly specific. It is my best guess as to where I was in ‘The Balboa Cafe’, because the next table along would be sponsors.lobster.extend. Next question - how long before someone invents a game (treasure hunt style) based on visiting certain words. For example, where would you go to find the perfect cocktail ? vermouth.gin.bitters ?


[ Source : Monday Note ]


This Was Originally Posted To Beyond Bridges

The site has been closed down and the material moved to this site for posterity.

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