Self Improvement

self-improvement wordleself-improvement wordleI don’t know if you write a blog, but if you do - do you know why ?

I haven’t quite worked that out yet, but it doesn’t stop me writing, because for now I write for me. Over the years it has come and gone in terms of how much attention I put in, but as I wrote here, I started this blog (as in posted for the first time), on September 7th, 2010. Since then I have made 568 Posts - and counting. The intention is to continue to write for me - but to widen the audience to something greater than one! You might imagine therefore how far my jaw dropped to read an email from an old friend of mine. He wrote;

I do check in on your blog from time to time, and I’m having trouble following some of your writing. (He Quotes - this was the original post)

“If you don’t participate in building something … Then you are not allowed to say afterwards ‘it’s not my fault’.

‘That makes absolutely no sense. You’re saying this … trackstracks is somehow my fault?

Not quite. But he goes on ….

Then there’s stuff like this: (Again - he Quotes - this was the original post)

The victims were ‘we the people’ – then T-Mobile …. Experian are the guilty ones … Can we start naming them more. Please?

Victims of what exactly?  Guilty of what exactly?  Naming them as what exactly?  This also makes no sense.

Ok - I revisited both the posts and I agree. That is that ‘I agree that my thoughts are not always complete’ and I am not providing the context to allow you the reader to get to the same place that I am. So for both of these posts, I have revisited and provided an addendum, to flesh out my thought. That said, it was JP’s final paragraph that hit home …

Finally, a lot of your communication - on the blog - and in email - is punctuated - by hyphens - lots and lots of hyphens …

(I know what he means — check this one out). When I edit my writing, I am always amazed bu the number of hyphens that I edit out, but I haven’t been doing that on this blog. I will get better.

… which I know helps it come through as sort of a stream-of-consciousness just-sharing-my-thoughts - but also - when non-sequitors are conjoined by those hypens in a logical sequence that is apparent only to the author - or when said hypens lead us off down a tangential path that is not obvioulsy linked to the primary thought which opened the exposition - like a pied piper of confusion - can serve to obfuscate the point you are trying to make.

Yup. I think :-)

My two cents: You need to start writing complete thoughts in complete sentences. If you’re trying to communciate via your blog, it will help.  If the blog is just a cathartic release, then ok nevermind.  :-)

Agreed. It is now one month since I last posted. When I received JP’s email I slammed on the brakes. I have built a large set of posts behind the scenes, that I am going to publish, but in a more considered way. This post relaunches my relaunch. I hope you continue to enjoy.

November 5, 2015