Noel โ€ฆ Noel โ€ฆ

I have long felt that Noel Gallagher is simply a massive self publicist, with little talent.ย Heย did some good songs. Once. But I never really cared for him as a person, social commentator or role model - to name just three things that leap to mind as I type, which is all I seem to read about these days - his music simply #FAILS.

This popped into my inbox over the weekend โ€ฆ


Two of the three articles are Noel oriented. Good heavens. It isnโ€™t even Christmas.

  • Not surprising to read thatย Noel is dissing fellow musicians.
  • Not surprising to read that Noel rates Chris Martin (see item 3 above)

Now I am going to find some real news. Oh - thatโ€™s better.

Update : This from Kottke.org - you see what I mean ?

ย  ย 

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