Damned If You Do - Damned If You Don’t

The juxtaposition of the following two stories is interesting.

I often read about the lack of consistency of how the ‘law’ treats people. A common theme is that there is one for the rich, one for the poor. I see it more as you are ‘with us’ or ‘agin us’ .. and then certain people are picked on in certain cases so that ‘they can me made an example of’. So it was with interest that these two articles appeared on the same day in the UK’s Guardian Newspaper.

Hillary Clinton’s email server connection was vulnerable to hackers. As far as I have read, she wasn’t hacked. In fact even the headline says ‘vulnerable’. But that doesn’t stop the rampant outrage. Meanwhile, it does seem to be increasingly accepted that the investigation into Hillary is essentially an attack to undermine her run for President. (Just like Bengazi)

But apparently, both the FBI and NASA were hacked - because a British student fights extradition to US for allegedly hacking the FBI and Nasa - I will come to that one in a separate post.

Conclusion …

You can either run your email on your own server and not get hacked and keep the nation’s secrets safe. Or. Move it onto the Government servers, where you stand more chance of being hacked. Seemingly - the latter is preferable.

And going back to the point that you are either ‘with us’ - or ‘ag’in us’ … we aren’t hearing anything like as much crap in the news about John Brennan’s account being hacked are we ?

November 9, 2015