A Tale Of Two Continents

With the USA in one corner, we have Bloomberg reporting that ‘Apple, Google Urged to Crack Encrypted Phones in Terror Probes

With Europe in the other corner, we have The NYT reporting that ‘Europe, Shaken by Paris Attacks, Weighs Security With Privacy Rights’, which includes this paragraph …

… European data protection advocates and lawmakers say the strong rules that limit how companies can handle information will likely remain in place, highlighting how Europe has separated how companies handle people’s data from the needs of governments to protect national security. The region’s tough privacy rules are enshrined as a fundamental right on par with freedom of expression.

As I intimated in an earlier post today, I am delighted to see how Europe is keeping it’s head in these times, despite having had so much done unto them by terrorism and war over the years.

On the other hand I am saddened, though not surprised, that here in the USA we bristle and condemn ‘terrorist muslims’ to use the event to amplify the ‘national security’ excuse to invade the privacy of the individual.

November 18, 2015