In stark contrast to ‘The Idiot Governors’ of the USA …


Map From Newsweek ]

… this just in from France. (my bold enhancements).

French President Francois Hollande promised to honor his commitment to take in tens of thousands of refugees on Wednesday. He said France would do so despite concerns raised by ultra-right nationalist leaders that refugees might pose a security threat to the country. “Some people say the tragic events of the last few days have sown doubts in their minds,” Hollande said, but added that it is a “humanitarian duty” to help the throngs of refugees who have landed on European shores after fleeing conflict and hardship in countries like Syria and Afghanistan. In a speech to mayors from around France, Hollande said France would welcome 30,000 refugees over the next two years. That’s even more than the 24,000 he committed to accepting in September. Hollande said that he would invest about $53.3 million to develop housing for refugees.

Amplifying one phrase; “concerns raised by ultra-right nationalist leaders”, that would be Marine Le Pen. Marvelous company that ‘The Idiot Governors’ keep. BTW - ‘The Idiot Governors’, are supported by other idiots … like this one where Tony Dale (R) suggested that “we can’t take Syrian refugees because it is too easy for them to buy guns”. Seriously!


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