Virgin America #FAILS

It seems odd to be acting this post knocking Virgin America in the Virgin Atlantic Lounge in SFO - but I guess the only connection between then is that ‘Virgin’ word.

EMail Received …

We’ve noticed that your Elevate points are set to expire November 30, 2015. There’s still time to hang on to them if you to do one of the following things in the next few months.

  • Grab a seat. Make sure to complete your flights within 5 days of November 30, 2015 to give the points time to post.
  • Earn points with any of our car, hotel, or airline Elevate partners. Keep in mind it can take 4-6 weeks for these points to post.
  • Buy points and top off your account.

In short, keep flying with us and earning with our partners to keep enjoying your points.

In short - rip off. I understand that miles are massive liabilities for the airlines - but even American Airlines aren’t this extreme … whatever happened to motivation?

October 1, 2015