Call Out The Guilty

The victims were ‘we the people’ - then T-Mobile …. Experian are the guilty ones … Can we start naming them more. Please?

Addendum ….

I received an email commenting on a number of things on this blog that I agreed with, which in turn became a blog post.

Bottom line ? I needed to get better at providing context. The context around this line comes from a hack on Experian, where 15 million records were stolen (and likely sold on the dark web).

Of course this post was written before this was published, four days later, which is a rather damning expose that T-Mobile knew that Experian was a pretty shoddy protector of our data. But all that said - the fact is that it is Experian that allowed the hack to happen, had responsibility for keeping our data secure and failed to. And yet much of the news at the time was much more about T-Mobile and little about Experian.

Since then the actual legal proceedings seem to be going at both companies, so some kind of ‘self correction’ is occurring.

October 3, 2015