Trade Offs In Publishing

ad-blockerad-blockerI have written previously about Ad Blocking and Content Blocking. Here’s a new one … click through to the Washington Post from a link - and they spot that I have my content blocker on … notice - content - not ad - blocker. But they call it an ad-blocker.

Well I guess they must know better than I - with all that tracking that Ghostery is revealing .

Still - it is interesting - I want some of their content - they want something from me - in this case my email - which not only unlocks this story - but now subscribes me to their ‘First Reads Newsletter’ … well hello - that is a lot of tradeoff to read one article.

I tried going directly to their site and got a similar pop up - but this one included a “free (their bold) 6-week digital subscription.”. Just for kicks I entered an email id - and got

“Error while subscribing, please try later”

Still haven’t read the article - life is too short.



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