Clayton Christensen - Slap Down

“Nowhere in the history of business has there been an industry like disk drives,” Christensen writes, which makes it a very odd choice for an investigation designed to create a model for understanding other industries.

If you like that line - you are going to LOVE this article by Jill Lepore. In this ‘New Yorker’ article she systematically deconstructs Clayton M Christens‘s book’The Innovators Dilemma". And on why we might have stretched the disrupt or die analogy a little too far….

People aren’t disk drives. Public schools, colleges and universities, churches, museums, and many hospitals, all of which have been subjected to disruptive innovation, have revenues and expenses and infrastructures, but they aren’t industries in the same way that manufacturers of hard-disk drives or truck engines or drygoods are industries.

In other words - we have to leave room for our humanity … we are people first !

[ Source : The New Yorker via Stowe Boyd ]

September 10, 2015