Phones Replace Cars To Connect With Your World

Much of the emotional meaning of the car, especially to young adults, has transferred to the smartphone, says Mark Lizewskie, executive director of the Antique Automobile Club of America Museum in Hershey, Pa. “Instead of Ford versus Chevy, it’s Apple versus Android, and instead of customizing their ride, they customize their phones with covers and apps,” he says. “You express yourself through your phone, whereas lately, cars have become more like appliances, with 100,000-mile warranties.”

I think there is something else going on like sharing, ability to afford, different priorities and ‘green’ … and maybe because of all of that - the phone becomes the ‘emotional connection’. That said - the emotional connecting device of the last generation was indeed the car - how else did you get to where you needed to be ? Now you don’t need to get there … you have a phone - you bring it to you.

[ Source : The Washington Post ]

September 9, 2015