Karma - It’s Gonna Get You

Instant Karma’s gonna get you

Gonna knock you right on the head … so wrote - and sang - John Lennon.

Came back to me just 10 minutes go as I was driving in to the office garage. As I entered had to slam on my brakes to avoid a car being driven rather too fast for a garage. As he accelerated forward to get to the exit ticket booth - I pulled into a space - and as I got out, heard a loud crunch of metal on metal.

I looked up to see the car had driven right into the car following me in.


I walked by - and about 10 people were already collected to observe the proceedings. Open and shut case - the innocent car was all banged up on the passenger side - and sitting as if ready to enter the lot. The offending car had to back out of the crash to reposition itself.

I watched the driver get out - he was angry - but almost at the driver he hit - not at himself. Asking - why was he driving in the place I wanted my car to be.

What I do hope is that the driver - wherever he was rushing to - realized that  “instant karma has indeed got him” - and that next time he drives anywhere, he might take into account other people and thus get there more quickly - at less cost - financially and mentally.

September 4, 2015