… counting this one. Really ?


I am pretty sure that this is not an over-read blog. I do it for fun - and a place to hold my thoughts. No money goes into it - just effort - and no money comes out of it. That said - I do like to embellish with images and creativity - which brings me to the image above.

Back on 11/11/11 … I kid you not [I wonder if they realized it],  Cyberhood Watch did a post on the fact that they had achieved 500 Pages and Posts entries - and used the image above as their ‘graphic eye candy’. It is nice. I borrowed it. Thank you Cyberhood Watch - I hope it is ok to use it ?

So Back to this blog. I was just about to post something - and then realized that this was my 500th - and should be celebrated. Well - at least called out !

This was my first post on September 7th … 2010. Wow! That means only 6 days away from the 5th anniversary of when I set the blog up (note - not the site).


This Was Originally Posted To Beyond Bridges

The site has been closed down and the material moved to this site for posterity.

The focus today is People First.

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