Advice To Ken - Follow The Money

It’s an old adage - but holds true through the ages and scandals.

I just read this short piece from Ken Magill. His conclusion ….

One thing is clear: The CRTC is treating minor email-marketing infractions far more harshly than it has historically treated egregious telemarketing infractions.

The piece is written from a Canadian viewpoint - but I would bet my bottom dollar that it is equally true in The good ol’ USA and ‘Blighty’.

My question is why ?

My answer is in the first line of this post.

The unsolicited telecommunications can be tracked back to a very few culprits - the telecommunication companies - who in turn pay lobbyists and influence law to their own advantages. Result - no push back. EMail - not so much. So they get hit.

Have a great day - and remember - fight back - lets put People Power back on the agenda.

September 1, 2015