You See What I Did There ….

In case not - the headline of the article (found here), Why Ad-Blocking in iOS 9 Benefits Only Apple.

I run both Ghostery and uBlock - just to see what is being dumped on me by anyone.

Ad BlockingAd Blocking

On CheatSheet

  • uBlock - 30 requests blocked (across 4 out of 25 domains connected)
  • Ghostery found 17 trackers
  • The purple box at the bottom is the Ghostery list of those trackers - all of which have to be loaded for me to use the site.

The reason it benefits ONLY Apple is that if you got to and run the same test - you will find Ghostery finds nothing - and uBlock a single thing, probably because Apple doesn’t need that stuff.

Oh - and neither does the end user - you and me - because it slows down our experiences and fills our machines with stuff we don’t want, and causes us to be tracked and ….

But apparently CheatSheet DOES need it (se results above).

Maybe the good news is that what will happen - is that we find a better way to credit content delivery rather than the 21st century equivalent of bloatware.

Meanwhile - Kudos to CheatSheet for calling it Content-blocking in the article - then again - why ‘Ad-blocking’ in the headline ?

August 31, 2015