#Sidekick From #Hubspot : #FAIL

On the face of it looks good no ? A simple Apple mail extension provided from Hubspot - that allows you to just check ‘track mail’ - just before you send, so that you know when someone opens your email. I used it selectively when I was trying to ensure that important things were being seen.

And then Today

Suddenly - none of my email was getting through to my recipients. I escalated to my ISP - Siteground - who really are VERY good BTW - who came back to me in three minutes to highlight that

The reason why the e-mails were bounced back is because they contain an URL which is blocked in the SPAM list https://spamrl.com/.

But - I wasn’t using Sidekick. So, I disabled it - and lo - mail goes through no problem. Needless to say - uninstalled completely.

Which brings me to the second #FAIL

To uninstall I had to use Chrome to go get an uninstall script. Easy enough to find - except when you run it - Apple security won’t let you open it because the script is from an unidentified developer.

So - across to ‘system preferences’ - and accept that running


is ok by me.

All now back to normal. MANY THANKS - again - to Siteground for such rapid response.

And SHAME on Hubspot for allowing their clever little side project to be added to a spam list - but even more - why not just identify yourselves for the uninstall.



This Was Originally Posted To Beyond Bridges

The site has been closed down and the material moved to this site for posterity.

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