Privacy implications of handing over your boarding pass at an airport shop

For a variety of reasons I happened across Peter Parkes Blog this morning, only to find an article on Privacy. It seems that everyone is writing about it these days. Hidden trackers, Ad/Malware, Permissions, Security … there is a grand awakening occurring - but somehow it still isn’t mainstream. (Even the Independent article that Peter links to is more about tax evasion/avoidance (depending on where you sit), rather than data mining and permissions - that Peter starts to drive towards.)

This particular one was new to me ..

Giving your boarding pass to an airport retailer allows them to spy on your travel plans

… and I bet is new to you … who would have thought that there were privacy implications when you hand over your boarding pass at an airport shop? Imagine what BAA and its owners - and other similar organizations across the globe know about you - and how much they can mine - just because you handed over your boarding pass in a store in an airport.

[ Source : Peter Parkes @ Hidden Chemistry ]

August 13, 2015