jgmjgmSometime around early 2003, a group of friends came together and decided to take their personal interest and love of great music - and launch a blog. Just for fun. We called it Just Good Music. There were four of us at the core of the site.

John ParkerRobert Golladay, Dave Wilt - and of course - yours truly.

The blog ebbed and flowed, covering new music, old music, opinion, technology of music etc. After a while we left the company we were all working at - we crossed (if not changed) continents for our home base, married, divorced had babies - but the site lived on. Until last year.

The site had fallen to me to manage and run - and in turn I got busy. Very busy. So busy that I missed there months of alerts, reminders and emails from my ISP reminding me that I needed to renew my hosting package. One day I was chatting to a friend about something musically interesting - and I thought - I am sure we had that on Just Good Music - I went there - and ….. G O N E !

Eleven years of love - wiped out. My fault.

Fast forward - and I was recounting this sad story to the aforementioned Bob - who suggested that there would surely be a record of it in the way back machine. This week - I finally got around to looking and there it was. As the banner says - saved 55 times over the 11 years of it’s existence.

Just Good Music Lives here - and from time to time I will dive into that archive and pull up a post to repurpose it here. I have the first one already to go. Written by ‘JP - the other one’, as we used to describe. Have to say it was always one of my most favorite posts on the blog - so happy to have found it … Click Here To Read “What The Hell Happened”.


This Was Originally Posted To Beyond Bridges

The site has been closed down and the material moved to this site for posterity.

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